Uhrensammlung Kellenberger (english)


collection konrad kellenberger

A fascinating voyage through four centuries

World-class collection
The internationally renowned Konrad Kellenberger Collection was newly installed in the Gewerbemuseum in autumn 1999.

This world-class collection invites visitors to participate in a voyage through four centuries, which leads from sundials and sand glasses past mechanical clocks and sumptuous timepieces and on to pocket watches and electrical chronometers. Highlights of the exhibition include the world-famous iron console clocks made by the Liechti family of clockmakers in Winterthur during the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as sumptuous artistic clocks from Southern Germany dating from the Renaissance era and an important collection of Swiss wooden clocks made in the 18th century. 

The collection is divided into eleven main themes illustrating the different aspects of the history of clocks: Primitive forms of telling the time – Mechanical clocks – The Liechti clockmakers of Winterthur – Technical innovations - Artistic clocks of the 16th and 17th centuries – Lantern clocks – Pendulum clocks and portable timepieces of the 18th century – Swiss wooden clocks – From individual pieces to mass production – Electrical timekeeping – The collector Konrad Kellenberger.

Attached to the collection is a restoration workshop which can be viewed from the exhibition room; here the exhibits are maintained and restored.

Konrad Kellenberger – a passionate collector
Konrad Kellenberger spent 44 years putting his top-class collection together. The City of Winterthur purchased the collection in 1970 and placed it on public display at the Town Hall. In 1999 it was transferred to the newly renovated and extended Gewerbemuseum.

Oscar Schwank – the era of the watch
The Kellenberger Clock and Watch Collection gained a remarkable addition at the end of 2012. The famous Oscar Schwank pocket watch collection was lent to the museum in Winterthur for ten years, enriching the existing exhibition immensely.